UPDATE: David Baron found

By Tiffany Blackmon - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) –** UPDATE: Lori Ceasar informed KPLC that David Baron was found alive and well. He is headed to the American Embassy.**

Lori Ceasar considers 59 year old David Baron as part of her family. He's among the many Americans missing in Haiti and Lori's hoping he's still alive.

"Not knowing to me is worse than nothing," Ceasar said.

Ceasar heard about the earthquake early on Tuesday, but didn't grow concerned about Baron, until she saw startling images of the devastation in the evening. Now she's hoping that some will recognize David on the CNN i-Report she posted.

Ceasar contacted a stated government agency, but could not be given any information on Baron because she isn't biologically related. She also can't receive information from his family because they didn't have any news on Baron.

Baron, who lived most of his life New Orleans, arrived in Port-au-Prince on Sunday.

"I spoke with him about a week prior to the trip and he was very excited," said Ceasar, "He was excited to go to Port-au-Prince."

Baron's source of excitement came from knowing he was making a difference. He annually went to Haiti to teach at the New American School.

Ceasar stated, "I can't think of anybody else who would give themselves up to go to Haiti for three weeks every year to teach at a Haitian school."

Ceasar takes comfort in knowing Baron was doing positive work in Haiti, but admits it's still hard to look at the images on t.v.

She stated, "What you see mostly on t.v. are the bodies, and the devastation. The people with no water, no food, I can't fathom knowing that he's a part of that right now, not just him, but everybody there in Haiti."

Without any information, all Ceasar has is her faith.

"Just trying to keep my faith in God, know that everything is going to be okay with him. Even at this late date on Friday, I'm still holding out that he will come home," she said.

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