Lake Charles Police investigating homicide

UPDATE: Authorities have identified the victim found on Friday morning in Lake Charles.

The female victim has been identified as 50-year old Linda Jackson Moore of Lake Charles.

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Authorities are investigating a homicide that happened near a business at the corner of Belden and Shattuck in Lake Charles.

It was here behind Thibs detailing shop that the body of a young woman was discovered about 8:45 in the morning by two men next door who happen to be co-workers. George Bilbo noticed the body first.  "We were backing up in his yard to come pick up his truck to go put some rims on it. As we were backing up I looked and I saw a dead body. I said, 'look a dead body.' He said what? I said I think they got a dead body over there. So we got out, looked and called 911."

Earle Banks, who lives next door, was shocked.  " I didn't get a chance to see her face. Her face was covered up with her shirt. She was naked."

With the discovery of a woman's body, some people can't help but wonder if it's related to a series of deaths in Jennings: Says one man: "I hope it's not related to the Jennings killings and it's moving toward here in Lake Charles. They need to do something about it, have task forces." Resident. Karen Welcome says it's frightening.  "They said she was naked and full of blood with her shirt over her head. That's all they said and she's a woman."

As the hours went by people in the neighborhood gathered hoping to find out what happened. Not long after noon police finished their work and left the scene. Blood splatters suggest it was a violent death but investigators are not yet saying what happened to the woman.

Says Sgt. Mark Kraus, "We have ruled that it is a homicide and we are pursuing some leads at this time." Police say it's too early to say either way whether the killing may be related to deaths in Jeff Davis Parish.

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