Vice President coming to Southwest Louisiana

By Jason Belk - bio | email

GRAND LAKE, LA (KPLC) - Vice President Joe Biden will be Southwest Louisiana tomorrow.  The visit is part of a trip highlighting post-hurricane recovery and rebuilding efforts in Louisiana.

He will speak tomorrow at around 3:15 at the Grand Lake Elderly Apartment complex in Grand Lake, Louisiana.

"He's coming here to talk to the residents. Those folks who were displaced from their homes following the hurricanes now have a safe, comfortable place to live. And he wants to come and see the success story of housing Cameron Parish," said Diane Landry, the executive director of the Cameron Council of Aging.

Biden's only goal on the trip is to congratulate those who lost so much when Hurricane Rita hit Southwest Louisiana, but have worked to rebuild their community that they love so much.

Those like Corrine Willis, who was the first resident that signed up to live in the Grand Lake Elderly Apartments.

"What I lost in Cameron, I know I'll never get it back.  I'm by myself, I lost my husband and my daughter and my son. So this was a gift from heaven to me," said Willis.

The Grand Lake Elderly Apartments was built after the hurricane hit, and was designed as a place for elderly to be able to return back home.

"We received a grand a couple of years ago to build a housing complex. It's a 30 unit housing complex strictly for the elderly, and they strictly pay rent based on their income. Which makes it very nice for them," said Landry.

While Biden's arrival is very exciting for the residents of the complex, the appreciation they have for their newly built homes is something they will always be thankful for.

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