Division of Administration highlights implementation of streamlining measures

The following is a news release from the Office of the Commissioner of the State of Louisiana.

BATON ROUGE – Commissioner of Administration Angele Davis today announced steps currently being undertaken to streamline operations to enhance the Division's efficiency, productivity, performance, and cost-effectiveness.

"Just like any business must do to cut costs and keep its competitive edge, we have been and will continue conducting an ongoing top-to-bottom review of our operations and take steps to change the way we do business in ways that are smarter and more responsive to those we serve," Davis said.

Among the measures the Division is in the process of implementing:

Streamlining government

  • Continuing to lead efforts to reduce the size of the state's vehicle fleet.  To date, cabinet level offices have identified 841 of their 8,230 passenger cars, light trucks, and vans to be sold as surplus at public auction.
  • The Office of Facility Planning and Control is working with agencies to survey and identify state-owned properties that could be returned to commerce through public bid and to manage state-owned real estate in a manner that achieves "highest and best use" of the property.
  • Coordinating DOA's Comprehensive Public Training Program, which oversees the training of state employees, with the Department of State Civil Service, in order to eliminate any duplication in training programs and to ensure there or no gaps in training programs offered.

Procurement and contracts

  • Developing legislation for the 2010 Legislative Session that would allow for "reverse auctions," in which, unlike ordinary auctions in which buyers compete and drive up prices, vendors would compete in offering products or services at a lower cost.
  • Establishing a working group to review and modernize procurement statutes across all procurement areas, including IT procurement through consolidated management.
  • Developing a program to effectively monitor the performance of vendors who do business with the state.
  • Developing a system so that agencies with statutory or delegated authority to process their own contracts can report information on their contracts to the Division of Administration, for the purpose of including the information in the LaTrac contracts database.

Privatization and outsourcing

  • Establishing a "Privatization and Outsourcing Unit" within the Division of Administration to serve as a resource for all departments and agencies for identifying and implementing appropriate privatization and outsourcing initiatives.
  • Within DOA, an RFP has been issued by the Office of Risk Management to evaluate the potential cost savings and/or service improvements with outsourcing the claims management and loss prevention services for all lines of coverage to a private company.
  • An RFP has been issued to determine the cost-effectiveness of services by a private sector facility maintenance provider to perform the operation and maintenance services currently being provided by the Office of State Buildings.
  • And a Notice of Intent to Contract is being explored to potentially utilize a third-party administrator for the Office of Group Benefits' PPO plan for state employees and retirees.  (OGB currently uses third-party administration for its EPO and the HMO plans.)

Technology and transparency

  • Developing an online reporting mechanism for regulatory boards and commissions to file electronically their budgets, meeting agendas and minutes, establishing legislation, and policies and procedures.  Reports from the boards and commissions are due by March 1 and, once received by the Division of Administration, will be posted on LaTrac, the state's online spending database and transparency and accountability portal.  LaTrac has recently been updated to include a state government contracts feature.
  • Continuing the implementation of e-mail as a statewide shared enterprise service to increase efficiency and productivity.  Conversion of Department of Social Services mailboxes is underway, which would be followed by those at the Office of Group Benefits, the Louisiana Office of Student Financial Assistance, and the Department of Public Safety.
  • Continuing to implement the LaGov Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) project that will increase government efficiency by replacing those 40-plus financial and administrative systems and by redesigning more than 125 business processes statewide.  It is estimated that LaGov will bring $286 million in total savings from avoided system costs and process-improvement benefits within ten years of "going live" statewide.

As part of the initial LaGov implementation, a Real Estate (RE) module will be implemented to facilitate collection and access to state space utilization of state leased space as well as space utilization and maintenance efforts in state owned facilities operated and maintained by agencies outside the division.