LDVA working to reduce burden on La. taxpayers

The following is a news release from the Louisiana Department of Veterans Affairs.

The Louisiana Department of Veterans Affairs (LDVA) is highlighting streamlining efforts it will take to reduce the burden on Louisiana taxpayers while ensuring that the quality of veterans' benefits and services does not diminish. LDVA submitted ideas to the Streamlining Commission and was pleased to have them all formally adopted and included in the Streamlining Commission's final report.

Over the past few months, LDVA has reduced its budget and saved a total of nearly $2 million dollars as a result of streamlining efforts and cost-cutting measures.

Included as part of the mid-year budget cuts and streamlining efforts recommended by LDVA and included in the final Streamlining Commission's report, LDVA has implemented a new and improved delivery system which includes consolidation of professional services at the five state run veterans' homes which will save the state an anticipated $1.5 million dollars annually.  LDVA has also renegotiated contracted therapy services at the homes for a savings of approximately $300,000 annually, and renegotiated food services at the homes for anticipated savings of $40,000.

"Streamlining should be an ongoing process and a main focus of our efforts at all times, and it in no way means a reduction in benefits for our veterans" said LDVA Secretary Lane Carson.  "Our mission to provide top-notch care for our veterans and their families will always be our main priority as we work to maximize efficiency and reduce agency spending."