Major quake hits Haiti

From The Associated Press:

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (AP) - The major earthquake that has caused devastation in Haiti is being called the strongest to hit the region in 200 years. U.S. officials have reported bodies in the streets of Port-au-Prince, the capital. An aid official said he has seen "total disaster and chaos." An Associated Press videographer says he saw a wrecked hospital. Screams have been heard from those trapped in the building. A government official says he saw buildings fall into a ravine. The quake measured 7.0 and was centered near Port-au-Prince. And there have been powerful aftershocks. Among the buildings damaged are the National Palace and U.N. peacekeeper headquarters. A U.N. official says a large number of U.N. personnel are not accounted for. Communications have been widely disrupted, making it impossible to get a full picture of damage. Many buildings in the desperately poor country are flimsy. Electricity is out in some places. It's not possible to say how many casualties there have been. But a Catholic Relief Services representative in Port-au-Prince told U.S. colleagues that "there must be thousands of people dead."

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