missing man

Missing now for four days, the disappearance of an elderly Mossville man has his family fearing the worst tonight. As KPLC's Lee Peck reports, they hope someone can provide answers to his whereabouts.

It's not uncommon to see Clyde Hadnot walking the 3-mile stretch from Mossville to Westlake.

"Rain, sleet or snow... You got it he does it everyday," said Lisa Hadnot, Clyde's neice.

Lisa Hadnot says her 70-year-old uncle set out Friday afternoon around 2:15 for his daily walk but never returned.

"He claimed he was going to Westlake to the store to get him some sweet smell," said Lisa.

Family members say Clyde was last seen wearing blue jeans and a beige trench coat and hope it's enough to keep him warm. With some of the coldest nights on record in recent years, Clyde's brother is worried. He says Clyde suffers from dementia and autism and hasn't had his medication. According to Lisa, he would have called or got a ride.

"He has never done this before. Not hearing him in this many days," said Lisa.

Clyde is no stranger to the people in Westlake. In fact, the Conoco gas station here is one of his regular stops. It's also his last reported sighting.

"Normally it's almost every day. It's almost like habit to see him. Normally he comes in he gets a dr. Pepper and stands at front by the newspaper machine.") like his family, cashiers say clyde was a creature of habbit... And recall seeing him on friday. [take sot duration:0:13] {***sot full***} (tulushia parsons:"daily almost like the memory is almost so regular that it could be any day because it's almost the exact same thing every time he comes in. But the last day i worked all day was friday and that's why i am pretty sure it was friday.") they've filed missing person's reports with westlake p-d and the sheriff's office, but hope by turning to the media... Someone who is watching knows something... Perhaps even clyde who may be confused. [take sot] {***sot full***} (lisa hadnot:"and if you see this ... Please come home.") for now, they'll continue searching the streets he's walked so many times. At your service in mossville, lee peck kplc 7 news. [anchor:cynthia] {***cynthia***} [readrate:15] {mon-gfx} [take: mon-gfx] [cg :03\missing man\882-0710\ ] clyde parsons stands 6'4 and weighs 240 pounds. Anyone with information to his whereabouts is asked to call the family at 882-0710.