Energy tax credits awarded to PPG & Shaw Group

By Theresa Schmidt - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - The U.S. Department of Energy has  awarded $10.8 million in Recovery Act Advanced Energy Manufacturing Tax Credits to the Shaw Group for its nuclear module assembly facility in Lake Charles.

As well PPG industries has received $1.2 million in tax credits to allow for production of a special tire tread component that reduces rolling resistance and improves fuel economy.  The company also received credits to produce double-anti-reflecting coating for glass to make solar cells more efficient, but that will occur at a facility  outside Louisiana.

PPG Works manager John Mans explains how the tires help fuel economy. "Part of the overall energy that goes into operation an automobile besides turning the wheels and such is the friction that's generated on the tires as you're driving down the road. And if you can reduce that friction and still maintain the same operable capabilities of the tire itself you can end up with improved fuel economy."

THE Department of Energy and IRS evaluated and ranked applications based on various factors including jobs created, reduction of greenhouse gases and air pollution as well as regional economic development an d technological innovation such as tires that increase fuel economy.  "For a general, normal driver that's going to be about $150 a year savings for them. If you increase the number of cars that are out on the road it's going to a six per cent fuel economy. That would be significant as more people do that," says Manns.

Up to $2.3 billion dollars in tax credits have been allocated by the U.S. government to support $7.7 billion in new renewable and advanced energy manufacturing products.

President Obama announced the awards last week.  The goal of the tax credit, also referred to as section 48c of the internal revenue code, is to help build a robust, high-technology domestic manufacturing capacity to supply clean energy projects with U.S.-made parts and equipment.

The credit supports several critical components of the recovery act, including job creation and investment in the domestic renewable energy industry, and will assist Shaw in continuing its role in moving the commercial nuclear industry forward.

Shaw Modular Solutions is a state-of-the-art, 410,000-square-foot facility that assembles structural, piping, equipment and other modules for new nuclear power plants using Westinghouse ap1000™, the world's safest and most economical commercial nuclear power technology. Shaw modular solutions incorporates modern modular construction techniques that result in a shortened schedule and reduced capital costs for new nuclear power plants.

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