A man is hit by a vehicle on I-10

By Adam Hooper - bio | email

VINTON, LA (KPLC) - A Georgia man is fighting for his life after a vehicle traveling along  I-10, near Vinton, hit him.

Police believe 50 year old Jose Garcia Jr. was just trying to change a tire when things took a turn for the worse. Simple car trouble turned into a much bigger problem.

To most of us, having to change a tire is certainly an annoyance. But for one man, believed to have been doing just that, it is a nightmare. While on the side of the interstate he was struck by a vehicle.

"He just drifted off onto the shoulder. Just one or two feet was enough to strike that other vehicle," said Stephen LaFargue with Louisiana State Police.

While toxicology tests are still pending, police believe that Jessy Greene of Silsbee, Texas, the driver of the vehicle that ran off the road, was not impaired at the time. The shoulder of the interstate is just not a safe place to be.

"You have vehicles traveling at 70 miles per hour. They are whizzing right near you. If you find yourself in that situation, remember that the number one thing is your safety," said Trooper LaFargue.

If, for any reason, you have to pull onto the shoulder, make sure you move as far off the road as possible. Always use your flashers, reflective devices, and flares are also good to have. This will let oncoming traffic know where you are.

" Know your equipment. Know that your tire is going to be where its supposed to be. Know where your jack is at. Know where all of your spares are at. Know where your equipment is," said Trooper LaFargue.

If you do not have all of the proper equipment, or you just do not feel comfortable being on the shoulder alone, you can call the Louisiana State Police to come out and assist. You can reach them by dialing *577.

Jessy Greene, the driver of the vehicle that drifted off of the road, was cited for careless operation of a vehicle. Meanwhile, Jose Garcia remains in ICU at Lake Charles Memorial hospital.

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