Residents in several towns being asked to conserve water

by Brandon Richards bio | email

***UPDATE*** Officials in Kinder will turn off the town's water starting at 11:00 P.M. Monday night. Water will remain shut off until 5:30A.M. Tuesday morning.

KINDER, LA (KPLC) - Officials in several Southwest Louisiana communities are asking residents to conserve water by ceasing to let their faucets drip.

Residents in the towns of Kinder, Carylss and Vinton are being advised to completely turn off their faucets. Officials do not want residents to let their faucets drip overnight.

Several residents have been allowing their faucets to drip overnight so their pipes would not freeze up, however this has drained the water towers in several towns.

"With low water pressure it becomes a hazard for fire protection," said Carlyss Water Plant Supervisor Frank Nocilla. "We are urging our customers to shut their faucets off and conserve as much as possible, in order for our plant to catch back up and raise the pressure on our system."

Officials in Kinder plan on shutting off the city's water service from 11:00 p.m. Sunday night to 5:30 a.m. Monday morning.

According to the Calcasieu Office of Homeland Security, all of the communities in the parish that were having low water pressure problems Saturday had resolved all issues by Sunday evening. However, Vinton city officials are asking residents there to conserve water overnight Sunday into Monday.

The good news is warmer weather is on the way, so residents won't have to worry about any pipes freezing over.

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