Lake Area reporting low water supply

Several places around the Lake Area have been calling 7 News all day to report that they either have low water pressure or are getting close to it due to the higher than normal consumption rate because of the cold weather. We'll add to the reports as they happen.

The Jeff Davis Water Commission #1 at Thornwell says that they are experiencing low water pressure because of how many people are running their faucets. They need everyone south of i-10 from Iowa to Jennings to turn off their water right away and keep it off throughout the night. According to the Water Commission, it there were a fire right now there would not be enough water to put it out. They represent over 2,000 households.

DEQUINCY: According to O-E-P The Dequincy area is experiencing low water pressure due to running faucets. Officials are asking residents to turn off their faucets and conserve water. Pressure is a real concern if a fire should occur. if you have any questions, please call O-E-P at 802-8661

Vinton: The Mayor's office of the Town of Vinton is asking residents to turn off water during the daytime hours. There has been a drop in water pressure for the town and they want to let the system catch up before it becomes critical. For more information you can call the Vinton City Police Department at 589-3561.

Basile: According to the Town of Basile Water Operator, residents in Basile need to conserve water. Consumption is high and they are getting close to low water pressure. They don't have a boil advisory yet. Residents should conserve their water at least until Monday night, but that may be changed later. If they are worried about their lines freezing, they can shut the valves off and open their faucets.

Elton: The East Allen Waterworks is advising that the town of Elton needs to conserve water at least through Sunday night. Consumption is higher than normal due to the record low cold.