Homeless shelters adjust to cold weather

By Jason Belk - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - A warm place to sleep is something that many take for granted.

The Potter's House provides relief for those in Lake Charles who may not be so lucky in this cold weather, relief that those staying are very grateful for.

"Before, the place I was staying, it was really cold, and I didn't have any heat. And my little boy kept getting sick," said resident Shauna Rayburn.

The satisfaction of providing a warm meal, a place to sleep or just a person to talk to is what makes being manager at Potter's House worthwhile for Michelle Cady.

"There's just something about being able to do it. Something about knowing that even if I don't touch everybody that's in here, I was able to help somebody in here. Whether it was just for a place to stay, whether it's clothing, whether it's a day to feed them," said Cady.

Cold weather or not, being able help is what shelters like The Potter's House are there for.

"I just can't see a human being out there in the rain, or in the cold or any kind of weather like that. Because I, myself, wouldn't want to be out there in that," says Cady.

The Potter's House accepts donations of all kinds, and the number to reach them at is 337-477-1116.

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