Sulphur woman remembers Elvis on his 75th birthday

By Crystal Price - bio | email

SULPHUR, LA (KPLC) - Elvis Presley would have celebrated his 75th birthday on Friday, June 8th.

Although "the King" is longer with us, one Sulphur woman is celebrating the life of Elvis through her own memorabilia collection.

"I've been a fan since way back in the 1950s," says Mary Sorgee. "I liked his voice."

Sorgee owns almost every record and movie that Elvis Presley ever made.

"When I put an Elvis tape on, I want it as loud as I can get it," says Sorgee.

But Sorgee collects more than just his music and movies.

She collects Elvis napkin holders, music boxes, dolls, cookbooks, and anything else with his name on it.

"My daughter used to tell everybody if you want to see Graceland, then just go to my mother's house," says Sorgee.

But for Sorgee it's much more than the music and image of Elvis Presley.

"I would consider him more like a friend," says Sorgee.

Sorgee says she's always been able to relate to Elvis as a person.

"He was a very lonely man," says Sorgee. "That's pretty much how I kind of feel here."

Sorgee says she doesn't plan on stopping her collection anytime soon.

"Even though I have all of this, if anyone sees anything else in town with Elvis' name on it then I still want it," says Sorgee.

As Sorgee celebrates what would have been Elvis' 75th birthday, she says it is almost as if he never really died.

"He's been dead all these years and he's still just as much alive for most people as if he was still here," says Sorgee.

She feels that through the fans Elvis' legacy lives on.

"They're not going to ever let Elvis die," says Sorgee. "He's going to be alive forever."

Sorgee says she plans to hold on to all of her Elvis memorabilia as long as she can.

Although a majority of her collection will more than likely end up on E-bay one day, she hopes to share her love for Elvis with other fans around the world.

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