Students of the Year named in Calcasieu Parish

Brandon Guillory (Source: CPSB)
Brandon Guillory (Source: CPSB)
Olivia Vincent (Source: CPSB)
Olivia Vincent (Source: CPSB)
Tyler Welch (Source: CPSB)
Tyler Welch (Source: CPSB)

The following is a news release from the Calcasieu Parish School Board.

The 2009-2010 Calcasieu Parish School System Students of the Year are Tyler Jude Welch, Prien Lake Elementary; Olivia Anne Vincent, W.W. Lewis Middle; and Brandon Paul Guillory, Iowa High.

Runners-up were Reagan Michael Lacy, W.T. Henning Elementary; Keifer Grey Ackley, Maplewood Middle; and Alexandra Anne Zambrano, Sulphur High.

The Student of the Year Awards program is designed to recognize students who have demonstrated excellent academic achievement, leadership ability, and citizenship.  The program is sponsored by the Louisiana State Department of Education and the State Board of Elementary and Secondary Education. One representative from each school is selected to compete at the parish level. These students are judged on their application portfolio, which includes a biographical sketch, academic achievement, leadership, activities, recognitions, and service/citizenship.  They also compete in a writing competition and are interviewed by a panel of judges.  This panel is comprised of community members representing a wide variety of businesses and civic organizations.  

Parish winners will advance to the regional competition which will be held on Friday, January 29, 2010, in Alexandria, Louisiana. Calcasieu's competition is coordinated by  Mae Belle Smith and Karyl O'Banion

The following are representatives from each elementary school:
Barbe:  Breannah Taylor; Brentwood:  Darlene Johnson; J.D. Clifton:  Campbell Robinson; College Oaks:  Aleya Joseph; Combre/Fondel:  J'Vonnta Taylor; T.S. Cooley:  Evan Delafose; DeQuincy:  Cullen Irwin; Dolby:  Michelle Lee Phillips; Fairview:  Aeriana Williams; Frasch:  Taylor Marie Henderson; Gillis:  Benjamin Fish; Henning:  Reagan Michael Lacy; Henry Heights:  Constance Jones; J.J. Johnson:  Camille Fox; M.J. Kaufman:  Damien Marras; J.F. Kennedy:  Ezekeil Johnson; E.K. Key:  Cade Ryan King
LeBleu Settlement:  Breanna Fullerton; Moss Bluff:  Breanna Leigh Burkhead; Nelson:  Kori Ellen Williamson; Oak Park:  Mozell Delvasje Gant; D.S. Perkins:  Crystar Collons-Molitor; Prien Lake:  Tyler Jude Welch; St. John:  Tyler Blank; Vincent Settlement:  Kaitlyn Elizabeth Darby; R.W. Vincent:  Cameron Fultz; Vinton:  Darby Richard; T.H. Watkins:  Tyra Brown; Pearl Watson:  Apryl Vital; Western Heights:  Nichole A. Feagin
Westwood:  Lauren Abigail Hellums; Ralph Wilson:  Ryan Eric January; Bell City:  Harlie Herbert; J.I. Watson:  Amy Reed; Starks:  Macie White; Maplewood:  Hailey Brooke Duzan.  

The following are representatives from each middle school:
S.P. Arnette:  Robert Maddox; DeQuincy:  Lauren Elizabeth Spears; LeBlanc:  Kaley Willis; W.W. Lewis:  Olivia Anne Vincent; Maplewood:  Keifer Grey Ackley; Molo:  DiAndre Matthews; Moss Bluff:  Brayden Travis Wood; Oak Park:  Aaron Michael Leger
Reynaud:  Megan Price; Vinton:  Megan Anne Gaillard; F.K. White:  Nickolas Wailling
J.I. Watson:  Maiah Hardin; S.J. Welsh:  Lodden Hixson; Starks:  Madison Jones.

The following are representatives from each high school:
Barbe:  Sanaa Shaikh; Bell City:  Kathryn Mary Leonards; DeQuincy:  Adam Lee Vige
Sam Houston:  Wendy Kussmann; Iowa High:  Brandon Paul Guillory; LaGrange:  Dominique Cymone Espree; Starks:  Kaylee Barrow; Sulphur:  Alexandra Anne Zambrano; Vinton:  Chastity Swinburn; Washington Marion:  Roman J. Guillory
Westlake:  Jordan Hefler.