Logan St. in Sulphur under construction

By Jason Belk - bio | email

SULPHUR, LA (KPLC) - Logan Street in Sulphur has been undergoing a makeover that has left many residents without a way to get to their homes.

Cecil D Gassiott, L.L.C., will be removing and replacing pavements and base material over the next few weeks.

Many residents and nearby businesses say the construction is long over due.

"The project itself is tremendous, it's been needed for several years. Our city officials finally came through and are doing the job to get it done. It's be something that needed to be done," said Carl Vincent, whose State Farm office is on the corner of Logan St.

Jeremy McElwee, the Project Superintendent, says he and his crew are hoping to finish the project quickly.  But, for the time being, are doing what they can to help out residents as much as possible.

"We've tried to get with the residents and locate their mailboxes and their trash containers, get it away from their driveway. So we move them back and forth for them if we can, where if they can't access their drives we try to help them out with that," said McElwee.

While the crew is working to finish quickly, Jeremy says it could be a couple of months until the road is completely finished.

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