Power restored to 1,300 Entergy customers

By Theresa Schmidt - bio | email

CARLYSS, LA (KPLC) - It was a frosty morning to wake up without power, but such was the case for more than a thousand Entergy customers scattered around the area. Says Brent Spell who lives off Chouqpique Road in Carlyss, "It got pretty chilly, but nothing that we couldn't handle."

About  800 customers Highway 108 in the Carlyss had no power, some from about 10 p.m. Monday until as late as 10 a.m. Tuesday morning.  Spell who's recovering from a cold says that extra insulation he put into his home is paying off now. "I had to get all my house re-sheetrocked and insulated more than what it calls for. Then I also put extra insulation in the roof. And I do believe that made a big difference."

People here were without power for ten to twelve hours. Most compensated by piling on the blankets. "I've been sick for a few days, so that didn't help. I just stayed under the covers. My wife and kids had to get up and get ready for school in the dark. And I just kind of shined the flashlight and helped walk them around," says Spell.

In all, 1,300 Calcasieu Parish residents were without power for varying lengths of time--mostly in areas with primarily electric heath. Entergy's Lynn Benoit says one way people can help is to turn off heaters while the power is out. "Most of these people around 108 and this area has no natural gas and it's all electric strip heat and heaters and everybody's heater tries to come on at one time and the system can't handle it. A good thing for them to do is turn the heat off until the lights come back on and then turn the heaters back on, that will kind of help us get this back on in a quicker manner."

Some residents here plan to have generators available-- in case there are more power outages during the extreme cold. There were also a few people out in the moss bluff area around you winn and campfire roads. Everyone's power was back on by 10:30 this morning.

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