Where did that "God Did It" sign on I-10 come from?

by Brandon Richards bio | email

IOWA, LA (KPLC) - Many drivers have noticed it on the side of the road, as they make their way to or from Iowa on Interstate 10. However, few drivers actually know what the red and white, "God Did It" sign means.

Well as it turns out, it was put there by members of Faith Vision Ministries.

The sign is actually in front of their new church building, which sits on seven acres of land.

The ministry was formed in 2006. Before construction was complete on the new building in late 2009, members met in a recently converted barn on the east side of the property.

Ground broke on the new building in July 2009. At the time, some wondered if constructing a new church building was a good idea, especially considering the tumultuous economic climate most of the nation was in.

But members went through with their plans, and they say God did the rest, as written on the sign in front of the new building.

"It was difficult to generate the funds to build such a ministry," said Jerome Ringo, church administrator. "By faith, we have built a very diverse ministry that encompasses people from all walks of life, from all backgrounds, from all races."

"I think the building is a true blessing. In a sense, it's a miracle," said church member Paula Stevens.

The new building features a nursery, conference rooms, offices, a kitchen and dining area. In one room, a member of the church even painted portraits of current church members in a Biblically-themed setting.

Sunday was an important day, because the first church service was held in the building.

Though Faith Vision Ministry is still relatively small compared to most churches, members hope their new building will be put to good use as more people visit and become members.

For more information about Faith Vision Ministry and to learn more about the services and programs that are offered, call 582-1634.

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