2nd armed robbery in less than 1 week in Vinton

By Crystal Price - bio | email

VINTON, LA (KPLC) - Vinton Police responded to a second call in less than one week for an armed robbery on West Street in Vinton.

Residents in the town are quite disturbed by the sudden frequency in robberies.

"I think it's pitiful," says Diamond Hillary, a resident of Vinton. "We're a small town and I don't know why people would just rob these stores for no reason."

Hillary has called the town of Vinton home her entire life.

"Nothing's happened like this ever," says Hillary.

The second robbery happened at Burger King around 4:30 a.m. on Saturday.

"The suspect went to the restroom and came back and told the manager of the store that he was armed with a weapon," says Scott Spell, an officer with Vinton Police. "The suspect then demanded money from the safe and the registers."

Although the robber got away from the scene, Vinton Police caught up with David Deville of Vinton on the corner of Horridge Street and Highway 90.

Vinton Police arrested Deville for armed robbery and theft of over $500.

While police have caught the armed robber of the Burger King, they say the armed robber of the Dollar General is still at large.

Spell says that as Vinton sees very little crime, they are not ruling out that the two robberies could be connected.

"We're following a few leads and at this time we are not prepared to say that they are related," says Spell. "But we are investigating that possibility."

Right now police advise all businesses and residents within the city limits to take precaution.

"Make sure you have an adequate enough security system set up that can catch someone if a robbery were to occur," says Spell.

If you have any information on the Dollar General robbery, contact the Vinton Police Department at 337-589-3561.

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