2000-2009: A decade of technology

By Crystal Price - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - As we say good-bye to the first decade of the 21st century, there's no doubt technology has developed in this decade bigger than ever before.

For video gamers, it was the Wii that brought the most innovation to the generation.

"The biggest thing in 2000, that I can't even remember," says Sam Merrill. "Maybe Nintendo 64 or Sega. Those games you just sit in your chair and play it. But a Wii is more interactive."

The decade also took the term "digital" to a whole new level.

"I absolutely love my digital camera," says Linda Mouton. "I can do just about anything with it."

Ten years ago Mouton was taking pictures with a Kodak.

Back then she waited a week for her pictures to be ready, but today it is a different story.

"I can see them right away now," says Mouton. "I put them on my computer and print them out."

Valerie Hebert loves music.

Ten years ago she used to wait for her favorite songs on the radio.

Now, they are just a tap away.

"I can touch right here on my iPod and all my music pops up on my play lists," says Hebert.

Music isn't the only thing at her finger tips.

"I have a lot of different applications," says Hebert. "I have Myspace, some books, and a translator."

While some couldn't live without the fun tech stuff, others say they wouldn't last a day without instant communication.

"Back in the days when we didn't have it, you missed everything," says Tabitha Beverly. "A loved one could have been sick and you didn't get it right away. But now, it's much easier."

While today consumers can't see how they lived without lap tops or cell phones, they say they can only imagine what they won't be able to live without 10 years from now.

"You know growing up, technology's grown up with me," says Hebert. "I'm wondering what it will be like years from now for the younger kids when they get older."

"I think every day is like Christmas for kids now days," says Mouton. "If they want it, they go get it."

For a complete list of the top innovations of the decade "Top Tech Gadgets" to the right.

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