Lake Charles airport security

By Adam Hooper - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Everyone on that Northwest flight on Christmas day made it out alive, but to try and keep it from happening again, you can bet there will be some changes to airport security.

"As far as the airport is concerned, you are seeing them take a little bit more time looking at different folks. We had customs in here earlier and border patrol," said Executive Director of Lake Charles Regional Airport, Heath Allen.

And, while all of the flights are on time in Lake Charles, with the added security measures, that may not be the case if you plan on flying out of a larger airport.

"They are requesting that people be there four hours early at some of the larger airports," said Heath Allen.

The added security has travelers saying they are not letting the foiled terrorist attack stop them from enjoying their vacation.

"I think we're safe enough," said one traveler.

"I think it is good that it was an attempted, it was a foiled plan. He was not successful. I think that is a good sign that aviation security has improved since 9/11.

So, if you plan on flying anywhere anytime soon, plan on waiting a little longer than before.

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