Holiday weight gain averages 10 pounds!

By Britney Glaser - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - 'Tis the season to indulge and that results in an average weight gain of 7-10 pounds just between Thanksgiving and New Year's!  You can enjoy all the holidays have to offer, though, without having weight gain remorse.

For 30 years, 51-year-old Mary Beth Huber has made exercising a priority - even though the reason has changed a bit!  "When I was younger, it was that I could stay slim and trim," says Mary Beth, "I can wear the clothes I want to wear.  As I got older, it began to be not so much what if I exercise, but what if I don't exercise...what are the consequences!"

The consequences of a sedentary lifestyle are serious: stroke, heart disease, high blood pressure and the list goes on. Even for fitness enthusiasts like Mary Beth, the thrill of going to the gym isn't always felt.  "You wake up some days or some weeks and say, 'oh this isn't working for me,'" she says, "but the key to that - what I found is that I'll never do the same workout two days in a row."

Gigi Kaufman with Gigi's Fitness Centers says variety and consistency are key when it comes to working out regularly and making it a habit will carry on through the tempting holiday season.  "If you just cut back and keep moving," says Gigi, "then you don't have those weight gains."

With most fitness facilities closing for the holidays, Gigi says putting exercise on the back burner is done frequently, but just because the doors are closed doesn't mean you can't keep moving.  "Get your walking shoes, go for a walk, go for a run, ride your bike," says Gigi, "we live in the perfect climate to be able to continue to work out."

With a husband and two sons at home, Mary Beth gives herself some wiggle room with holiday cooking and eating - she simply says moderation is the name of the game.  "I find that if I just continue to exercise and eat in moderation, then I can usually eat what I want and splurge once in a while," says Mary Beth.

If you're looking at a fitness-related New Year's resolution, Gigi says there's no better time than now to start that healthy habit.  "Just begin today," she says, "don't wait for that day or that moment or that time. Just begin works!"

*Here's some advice from Gigi that will make your tummy happy!  She's says never diet!  Nearly all diets fail and people eat back all of the weight they dropped and then some.  Have a nutritious, balanced meal plan mixed with exercise - and you'll be on track to a fit physique.

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