Send Santa high-tech messages

By Crystal Price - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - With Christmas only days away, kids were out at Target Wednesday evening looking for last minute things to add to their wish list.

"I want an Ipod shuffle," says Alli McClure.

"I want a Barbie doll house," says Katie Manuel.

A few kids say they've mailed their letters.

"I wrote him a letter and then I gave it to him," says Kayley Rivera.

But with only days until Christmas, there's a faster way to get in touch with Santa.

Now kids can send their letters instantaneously through text messages.

All AT & T users can send a message to number "1224," and within seconds they'll receive a message back from Santa.

But the communication doesn't stop with text messaging.

You can also write Santa a letter on-line.

At the new web site, kids can type in their name and what exactly they want for Christmas.

Kids in the lake area love the instant communication with Santa.

"It's much faster," says McClure.

"You won't have to spend all that time writing," says Rivera.

However, parents feel it takes away from tradition.

"Now days they just take out their cell phones and text Santa, it's so different," says Ashley Grossi. "But it does take away from a lot of the traditions that people do."

If you would like to send Santa a letter on-line, click on "North Pole Web site" to the right.

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