Busiest day of the year for UPS

By Jason Belk - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Monday, December 21, is expected to be the busiest day of the year for UPS.  An estimated 22 million small packages will be delivered throughout the country.

Jeff Rider, the Lake Charles UPS Business Manager, says  this day has been circled on their calendar for quite some time.

"We prepare months out, we keep notes year to year.  Just different analysis of where the stops have come.  We've been planning this for quite a while now," said Rider.

To accommodate the holiday season rush, UPS has hired around 50,000 temporary workers.  A practice that is being followed in the lake area as well according to Rider.

"We use temporary workers here in Lake Charles.  In excess of fifty have been hired on this location alone," Rider stated.

Rider not only expects the 21st to be busy, but believes that UPS stores in Lake Charles will stay hectic throughout the week.   As last minute shippers try to get their presents to friends and family before Christmas this Friday.

For the entire holiday season UPS expects to ship 4 million packages throughout the nation, slightly up from last year.

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