Bagget could come back to Cowgirls

By Tiffany Blackmon - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) – The Cowgirls basketball team could have a new, but familiar addition to their roster as early as this season.

7Sports has confirmed that Ashlyn Baggett is in the process of trying to return to the Cowgirls. Head coach Brooks Donald Williams said that Ashlyn is awaiting clearance by the NCAA and a few other deciding factors.

Ashlyn and her sister Caitlin left the team last March, citing they wanted to focus on their education. With their departure they left big holes to be filled, both were leaders in scoring and assist.

So, why return to the team? Coach Williams says that Ashlyn "realized she missed it and loved it." There is no time table for her return, as the process could take anywhere from weeks to months. Coach Williams also couldn't provide information as to why Caitlin isn't making an attempt to rejoin the team, or if she even plains to.

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