Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy

By Britney Glaser - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - If you're looking to find something a bit more unique than a traditional massage, the health benefits from Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy are deep.

Holding onto wooden bars in the ceiling above the massage table, A Time to Exhale Massage Therapist Moxie Wilson lets her feet do the work during the Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy Session.  "The word 'ashiatsu' actually means 'barefoot pressure,'" says Moxie, "so with the massage session, you're actually using a foot to massage the back and back of the legs, then on the rest of the massage, you can use the hands."

During treatment, Moxie applies deep foot pressure to points along the spine and body to achieve maximum muscle compression.  "It gives the therapist the flexibility to deliver very deep pressure," she says, "as well as you can go up to very light pressure."

After years serving in the military, followed by a career in a Southwest Louisiana plant, Tim Winterbottom unwinds from his daily stressors on a massage table.  "I just melt into that table when she's giving me a massage," he says.

Ashiatsu is recommended for anyone who enjoys deep tissue massages.  "The benefits of it would be for someone who's looking for a really deep massage or because of the sheer nature of the size of the area that we massage at one time," says Moxie, "you get a really good stretch in your back, which most everybody needs these days."

This holiday season, give the gift of relaxation and the opportunity to take a deep breath in this fast-paced world.

*There's an added bonus if you've procrastinated about your gift-buying this year!  At "A Time to Exhale," Moxie is offering a special through the end of the month.  If you buy one massage session, you get one for half the price. One hour costs $60 and 90 minutes costs $80. Just call 540-6492 to make an appointment.

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