Car drives into Westlake home

By Crystal Price - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) -  It is not something that happens everyday, but last night the unthinkable happened to a family in Westlake.

At approximately 9:30 p.m., two unexpected visitors stopped by Amanda Guiton's home.

But instead of stopping in the driveway they drove straight through the house.

"My daughter called me when I got out of church and said two white guys ran their in a car straight into the bathroom," says Anna Delafosse, the mother of Amanda Guiton.

As the car hit the bathroom, Guiton was in the shower.

"She was getting out of the bathtub and that car rammed right into the bathroom," says Delafosse. "It dragged her across the hallway and cut her on the side."

Guiton was treated at a local hospital and released.

However, the bathroom was not the only place of destruction.

"All the water from the shower made its way into all three rooms of the house," says Delafosse.

Just next door to the bathroom Guiton's two young children were fast asleep.

"If my two grand kids would have been in that bathroom they would have been dead," says Delafosse.

While everyone escaped free of major injuries, the family is left with caved in walls and no electricity just before the holidays.

"My kids and my grandkids aren't going to have a house for Christmas," says Delafosse. "They are goingrand kids to be in a hotel for Christmas. It's not fair."

Although Delafosse says accidents do happen, she says that does not make things right for her family.

"I'm not trying to get someone in trouble," says Delafosse. "My thing is that they got a ticket and went on. But at the end of the night we didn't know where we was going to sleep."

Fortunately the family's home is covered with insurance.

All the damages are expected to be fixed in the coming weeks.

But the experience will take time for the entire family to overcome.

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