Saints 13-0

By Tiffany Blackmon - bio | email

ATLANTA, GA (KPLC) – The Saints franchise had never won 13 games before, but after putting away another, "too close for comfort" victory over the Falcons, the perfect season is still in tact.

The Saints beat the Falcons 26-23 and clinched a first round bye in the playoffs.  The win was not as dramatic as last weeks Washington game, but the end result was the same, some how this team finds a way to win.

The Saints had a 23-9 lead at halftime, but gave up 14 points, allowing the Falcons to tie the game in the third quarter.

Garret Hartley gave the Saints a 26-23 lead in the fourth quarter with a 38 yard field goal, but Jonathan Vilma sealed the victory. On fourth and two, Vilma stuffed the Falcons attempt at a first down with just over a minute remaining.

Close victories like this would be a cause of concern for some, but not the Saints, they're confident they'll find a way to win.

Drew Brees stated, ""We understand we have to play well in order to win. We have to do all of the little things, pay attention to detail, fundamentals, play with confidence, take care of the football, all of those things that we continue to preach and preach that wins football games, but I can definitely say because of a lot of it, the ways that we've won this year, we just feel like no matter what the situation is in the game we've got an opportunity to win. Whether it be on offense of defense or special teams, somebody is going to make the play and we're going to win the game."

The Saints face the Cowboys in Dallas this Saturday.

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