Winter Weather: Early morning road conditions

By Michael Addison - email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Last night's winter wonderland is transitioning into a day of sunshine, but the melted snow is freezing on the roadways.

Authorities report ice on some of the bridges and roadways. on I-10, there are reports of ice patches from the Texas state line to the Toomey-Starks area. On I-210, State Police say there was ice on the elevated portion of the interchange near Sulphur, but the area has been sprayed and treated.

Seven News checked with authorities in the 5-parish area, and there are no road closures to report.

DOTD officials say crews will be spraying local roads on a rotating basis until there is no need. Officials are asking motorists to slow down, and to remember braking and steering abilities may be reduced in certain areas.

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