Shelters prepare to get homeless out of the cold

By Crystal Price - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - As snow enters southwest Louisiana, homeless shelters prepare for to bring folks out of the cold.

"Turning someone away is one of the worst things I could ever do," says Michelle Cady, House Director of The Potter's House Women's and Children's Shelter.

Residents at The Potter's House say there's no place like home, especially in the midst of the winter cold.

"We get a lot more people in the winter than we normally get on an everyday basis," says Cady.

Cady says it is sometimes a challenge preparing the shelter for the winter rush.

"We always make sure the bedding is warm enough at night," says Cady. "We get vast amounts of coats and jackets donated every year as well."

Cady says they're fortunate to never run out of food.

"We have a pantry in the back where we stock everything up and it's well stocked," says Cady.

However, there is one thing they often run out of.

"It is hard telling a mother that we can't shelter you and your child because we have no beds," says Cady.

At the Lord's Place which is a men's shelter, residents are seeing the same problem.

"I don't know what's going to happen because we're only allowed to keep so many men," says Russell Henderson. "It's no joking matter to be cold, waking up cold, and then having to go to sleep in the cold."

Although there may be no more available beds in Lake Charles, workers at both shelters say they are happy to assist folks in finding a place to live somewhere else.

"We have all the numbers for all the different shelters not just in Lake Charles," says Cady. "So what we can't do we try to get them in contact with someone who can help them."

As residents at these shelters feel a home anywhere beats fighting the cold.

"When I came here I had nothing," says Henderson. "Now I have hope."

If you need a place to stay, both the Potter's House and the Lord's Place encourage all folks to come in where it's warm and have a nice meal.

They say you are always free to come by or call them.

No appointment is necessary.

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