Viator talks about UNH loss

Viator talks about UNH loss

By Tom Annino - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Everyone involved with McNeese State football is still frustrated, including the head coach.

I sat down with MSU head coach Matt Viator to discuss the 2009 season.  During that discussion, Viator talked in-depth about his team's loss to the New Hampshire in the first round of the playoffs.

He says there were many things that went wrong against the Wildcats.

"It starts with coaching," Viator said.  "I felt like maybe we could've done some things different on the offensive side for sure, which is where I'm predominantly involved.  And then even from a playing standpoint, we actually did some things in the game we really didn't do all year."

Viator says problems just seemed to pile up during the third quarter, especially on a tipped pass from Derrick Fourroux that was returned by UNH's Terrence Klein for a touchdown.

"It seemed like for a stretch there everything kind of went wrong," Viator said.  "We just couldn't quite get over it.  Give them credit.  Looking at the tape, they made some great throws and some great catches to continue.  The interception was a big play on New Hampshire's part.  But it was kind of a freak play."

According to Viator, his players were stunned when Klein returned that ball for six points.

"I think it kind of shocked them when they intercepted the ball and ran it back," Viator said.  "We were on the sidelines (saying) we're alright.  We're alright.  When you've had some of the failures we've had in the playoffs, I don't know.  I think some of the players have that look like 'Oh my God, here it goes again.'  That's tough to overcome but I saw a little bit of surprise, a little bit of shock after that interception.  But up until then I thought we were fine.   I thought we were battling and playing and still had every chance to be as competitive in the game as (UNH) did."

All things considered, Viator says he was pleased with the effort level his team had against UNH.

"I thought our kids played hard," Viator said.  "Just because another team makes plays doesn't mean you're not trying.  They're good too.  Our kids continued to hustle and continued to try to do the things that we normally do.  I just think we pressed a little bit and we just didn't make the plays."

To hear more from Viator, click on the link above to watch the 6pm sportscast from 12/03/09.

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