Local advocacy group concerned with low performing schools

By Crystal Price - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES (KPLC) - The Southwest Louisiana Community School Advocacy Council is taking a step toward improving low performance scores in Calcasieu Parish.

The group first met with the Calcasieu Parish School Board back in October to discuss their concerns with education in the parish.

From there the council compiled ideas and recommendations into a formal report for the school board.

"We know if we keep doing what we've always done then we'll keep getting what we've always got," says Rev. J. L. Franklin, Executive Director for the council.

Franklin says when he saw 11 schools score below 80 he knew it was time to take action.

"There are some schools at 120, but for those schools that are at the bottom we are very concerned and we want all our schools to be great," says Franklin.

Franklin says one of the issues they addressed within the report is the lack of leadership within the district.

"They say they've spent millions of dollars on the school but you can't just throw money at the problem," says Franklin.  "They have to look at leadership from every element."

The council hand-delivered the document to the school board on Wednesday, December 2nd.

Superintendent Wayne Savoy says he was glad to receive it.

"I'm going to go back and review it," says Savoy. "I'm open to any input from anyone to help our schools that may not be performing at the rate of others."

Members of the school advocacy counsel say they look forward to working with the school board as a team on improving the low performance scores.

"We're not serving in any adversarial perspective, we just want to see these things accomplished," says Franklin.

The school board will meet with the council later on to follow up on the recommendations.

Savoy says the board is always willing to listen to input from members of the community concerned with students' education.

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