Spar Aquatic Center hosts annual Thanksgiving dinner

By Crystal Price - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - It is a community celebration that happens every year in Sulphur, Louisiana.

"This has been our family Thanksgiving for about the last 5 years," says Belinda Arceneaux, Vice President of Maplewood Lion's Club.

For members of the Lion's Club, it has become a Thanksgiving tradition.

"We spend Christmas together so we give to the community during Thanksgiving," says Arceneaux.

Volunteers arrived as early as 5 Am to begin preparing the meal.

Community members donated turkeys, hams, green beans, and dressing for the annual dinner.

"I thoroughly enjoy it every year," says Teresa Hilt.

Hilt says she never misses the community dinner, even back when it used to be held at the Maplewood Lion's Club.

"The Lion's Club facility didn't have enough room for everybody that came to the event," says Hilt. "So they changed it to here so they could have more people come and enjoy a free lunch."

Clyde Soileau says this is his first time to come out, but that he can't complain about the food.

"I came to enjoy the company and the meal and everything that goes with it," says Soileau.

Soileau says it is something the world could use more of.

"I think we need more community service, where people can get together and be thankful," says Soileau.

Turkey bingo is another annual attraction at the dinner.

"In regular bingo people play for money and you buy everything," says Ashley Dylan. "But for this bingo, you win prizes donated by the community."

This the fourth year the Lion's Club has hosted the event at the Spar Aquatic Center in Sulphur.

Prior to then, the organization held a Thanksgiving dinner at their Maplewood Lion's Club for 20 years.

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