Vitter discusses new Health Care bill in Lafayette

By Crystal Price - bio | email

LAFAYETTE, LA (KPLC) - After a big vote over the weekend regarding health care reform, many folks in southwest Louisiana aren't happy about the turn out.

Sen. David Vitter met with local medical professionals and business owners today for a roundtable discussion in Lafayette.

"It's a poison apple, if you bite into it will taste bad and it will poison you," says Dr. Paul Miller, a medical specialist from Lafayette.

Louisianans who met for the roundtable discussion today were referring to Harry Reid's 3590 Health Care Bill to anything other than a "reform" bill.

"We're here to discuss this reform bill and I don't see any reform in this bill at all," says Andy Begneaud, a business owner from Lafayette.

Sen. Vitter began the roundtable discussion with his concerns regarding the health care bill.

"The Congressional Budget Office says this is going to increase healthcare costs and drive premiums up and not down," says Sen. Vitter.

"The money has to come from somewhere," says Miller.

Miller is concerned with where exactly the bill is taking the country's health care system.

"I'm very concerned of how this is going to affect the integrity of the profession and the actual way that you as a patient can see your provider," says Miller.

Medical professionals aren't the only ones against the 2,000 page health care bill.

Local businesses are also hurting when it comes to health insurance.

Begneaud and her husband have been running Begneaud Manufacturing in Lafayette for 31 years.

"Even though my company may be offering group health insurance, I'm still going to be paying higher taxes for the public option," says Begneaud. "It's just not good for the country as a whole; it's good for certain segments."

Now all these professionals can do is voice their concerns and hope for a bill that will benefit all Americans when it comes to healthcare.

The Senate will begin debating the Harry Reid 3590 bill on the floor Monday, November 30th.

To see a copy of the bill, click on 'Health Care Reform Bill' to the right.

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