Going the distance for quality healthcare

By Britney Glaser - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Your health care provider can be one of your biggest allies on the road to recovery, so having a good relationship with your physician is a major "plus" for your health.

It's been two months since a bad fall landed 65-year-old Eugenia Chapman in the hospital.  "I slipped and fell and it broke the ball off my hip and fractured the femur bone," says Eugenia.

In need of a partial hip replacement, Eugenia had the option of choosing a surgeon close to home or driving the extra distance to a place that had treated her husband years before with a personal touch.  CHRISTUS St. Patrick Hospital orthopedist Lynn Foret says, "She comes in from Basile, Louisiana, which is over 60 miles from here.  That says a lot for the care she's gotten at St. Pats and her familiarity with the doctors that take care of her here."

So, when it was time for Eugenia to undergo her surgery, she and her husband loaded up the car for a surgery and stay at CHRISTUS St. Patrick Hospital.  "With us living so far away," says Eugenia, "it was comforting to my husband because he couldn't be there at all times with me, so he knew I was taken care of."

Dr. Foret says its important for patients to find a doctor with whom they feel comfortable and confident.  "The rapport they've had with myself and the family for all of these years just added to the treatment and the comfort zone from being treated at certain places and hospitals," says Dr. Foret.

This comfort level can increase the quality of care by keeping the lines of communication open between the patient and physician. For Eugenia, the support she found in Lake Charles has made her recovery back home in Basile that much easier.  "The service, the staff, everything was just wonderful and I couldn't have asked for anything better," she says.

Dr. Foret suggests that patients take the time to ask their questions and make their concerns known. Likewise, your doctor should make the time to answer your questions and listen to your concerns.

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