Les Miles speaks about Ole Miss game

By Tom Annino - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - It was painful to watch.

LSU's confusing finish in the closing seconds against Ole Miss probably had Tiger fans yelling at the television.

With LSU trailing 25-23, the Tigers ran a screen pass on 3RD&19 that lost seven yards.  For some reason, Les Miles and his coaching staff let :17 seconds run off the clock before calling timeout.  That left just :09 seconds left in the game.

"The want to have the players on the field make the timeout call in that spot certainly is a great call.  That's what should happen," Miles said.  "That's my responsibility.  I've done that every game I've been alive as a head coach.  I can't imagine that I made that mistake.  I did.  It was my mistake."

Then on 4TH&26, Jordan Jefferson hit Terrance Toliver for a 42 yard gain.  That put the ball on the Ole Miss six yard line with just one second left on the clock.  Time would stop until the referees moved the chains.

During that time, you would think the Tigers would run the field goal team out to quickly set up and try to win the game.

It didn't happen.

Jefferson tried spiking the ball, which ended up being the final play of the game.

Tigers lose, 25-23.  Miles says it was completely his fault.

"We went through these situations very thoroughly as a staff.  I've learned and I've got to get it right.  It's my fault.  It will be fixed.  It's my responsibility," Miles said.  "I regret the mistake.  It cost my team the best opportunity of victory."

To hear more from Les Miles' press conference, click on the link above.

LSU will host Arkansas in their regular season finale on November 28th.

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