1st Annual Rally To Rescue Event

By Charlie Bartlett - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) – It was all about the pets.  Southwest Louisiana hosted their 1st Annual Pro Plan Rally to Rescue event.

"Just to bring awareness to the community that there's lots of animals that need homes. Instead of going to a breeder, they need to be adopted," said Tracey Young.

"It's really important that we get these animals adopted and get donations to help all the rescue groups," said Laura Jones.

Rescue groups from all over Calcasieu Parish came together for the cause.  They say there are too many animals that need good homes.

"It's heartbreaking especially for those of us who are animal lovers.  We're all passionate about animals or we wouldn't be doing it," said Sheila Gilley.

"It will open your eyes on how many need homes. Every day their bringing in animals and some are going down because there's just not enough homes," said Young.

There were over seventy-five animals at the event for adoption.  Adopting a pet was a simple process.

"You just fill out an application, we do a vet reference, and we do a really quick home visit just to make sure basically it's safe and that's its a good fit for the family and their dog," said Gilley.

Some came to look, others came to touch, and a few came to make their family more complete.  Sharla Kittner adopted for the first time:

"Everybody's willing to take a look at these animals and realize that they need homes just as anybody else. It's really nice to see the support." said Kittner.

The Summer's family came to fill the void, their dog died recently.

"I like the fact people came out and took responsibility of a dog or an animal," said Jerry Summers.

Rescue to Rally has successfully found homes for more than two hundred and fifty thousand animals.  They hope the event will keep that number growing.

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