Shoppers looking for Black Friday deals

By Crystal Price - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - The busiest day for holiday shopping is less than one week away but local stores have already seen an increase in sales.

"We've seen quite a few customers come through in the past couple weeks," says Rhonda Kleckley, owner of Accessory Zone in Lake Charles.

As the early shopping season intensifies, so do the bargains for customers at Accessory Zone.

"We've been having our buy one get one 50% off," says Kleckley. "This gives the customer a chance to get a half off price on a second item."

Accessory Zone owner Rhonda Kleckley says with more early customers comes great sales and expectations for Black Friday.

"We haven't had a decrease in sales, so hopefully that's going to continue," says Kleckley.

Kleckley says her and her staff are busy preparing the store for the busy shopping day this Friday.

"We're making sure all of our merchandise is out and that we have enough employees for great customer service," says Kleckley.

Target is also preparing for Black Friday.

"We've hired on several new team members to accommodate for the increase in guests," says Jason Lebert, an assistant manager at Target.

Lebert says Target has seen an increase in traffic as people are taking advantage of the early holiday bargains.

William and Sandy Carver are Christmas shopping for grandchildren, and they say catching early holiday sales is the best way to go.

"My wife is very frugal with her money," says William Carver. "All I say is 'yes dear' and push the buggy."

Shoppers who came in this weekend say they not only got great deals on early holiday bargains, but they also won't have to face the rush on Black Friday.

"We usually try to get the earlier sales so we can miss the crowds," says Jordan Rupert.

"I definitely won't be here on Black Friday," says Sandy Carver. "I've found that you get just as good deals before."

Store managers say the best advice for Black Friday is to get there early, know what you are looking for, and to look at advertisements beforehand to save on the best deals.

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