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EZ Combs

The EZ Combs: Silver & Bronze. The EZ Combs: Silver & Bronze.
Some suggested styles to choose. Some suggested styles to choose.
The EZ Combs stretch to apply. The EZ Combs stretch to apply.
Setting up to apply the updo. Setting up to apply the updo.
The final EZ Comb updo. The final EZ Comb updo.

By Jeff Jumper - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) – Who wouldn't want to cut down the time and the work spent in the bathroom molding that perfect hair do.  The EZ Combs claim to deliver fabulous hair styles, instantly.  They are two metal combs attached with a stretchable designer latticework to add style.  I went to the home of Loraine Suarez to find out if the EZ combs really make styling hair that much easier.  Our package came with two EZ Combs: bronze and silver.

Loraine explains the eight basic styles in the instruction manual, "There are several different styles.  There's a classic style, an updo, a fountain effect, a butterfly twist, the ponytail, the ponytail butterfly twist, the French twist, and the French butterfly twist."

Loraine chose to start with the Ponytail.

"Find the gap in the very center of the bands.  There's the gap, right in the center," says Loraine.

She next places her right hand into the gap.

She continues, "Put it with the combs out, so when you grab it, it will go on the right way.  Gather your hair into a ponytail, and you pull the band off of your hand and over your ponytail.  Then slide the comb in one side.  Stretch the comb over on the other side and in.  Then push the ends in for a snug fit."

As for the results on the ponytail, Loraine adds, "Actually, it seemed to do okay."

Successful on the ponytail, Loraine moved on to the updo.  A bit more complicated, but after a short time, she got it.

"It did work, I don't mind this at all," says Loraine.

Two for two, so she tried her luck on the classic style.  She wasn't thrilled with the results, but with some extra finesse, she felt she could have made it work.

Loraine's results, "For the most part, the EZ combs worked.  Someone with thick hair, curly hair, or more comfortable with hair than I am, would probably have a lot better luck on the first try, and real good luck with practice."

That puts the EZ Combs at a stylish YES for this week's "Does it Work?" test.  The cost is just under ten bucks.

Web Extra:  Loraine invited us to her home to test out these combs.  Before we arrived, she had some practice with the combs and had minimal luck.  During our test, it seemed that practice paid off, and Loraine was able to easily get two out of the three styles to work the first time.  She found some styles easier to achieve than others, and continues to wear the EZ Combs on a regular basis.  The only colors I could find available were the silver, bronze, and black.  Thanks to Loraine for volunteering her time and her home to test the EZ Combs.

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