KPLC refuses to turn over video recordings

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - A judge in Jeff Davis parish ordered KPLC to immediately hand over all video recordings of interviews conducted for our one-hour special on the unsolved deaths of eight Jeff Davis women.

KPLC-TV has decided not to turn over its unedited footage, because according to KPLC attorney James Doyle, the subpoena is not in compliance with Louisiana statutes. KPLC has moved to have the subpoena quashed, or declared invalid.

Doyle says Louisiana law states that the media cannot be forced to hand over any part of the story that was not aired on their station, nor can the station be held in contempt or be compelled to turn over such material without a hearing.

"If the news media is forced to hand over its investigation to the law enforcement, then that means the news media's news gathering operation becomes a part of the prosecution. It means it's owned by the government," Doyle said. "We don't want our news media owned by the government. We want it to stay independent."

You may remember that KPLC sat down with Tracee Chaisson and Frankie Richard.

Chaisson said she knew some of the girls, but denied knowing anything about their deaths. Richard says he also knew most of the victims, and was initially called a person of interest by investigators.

KPLC will continue to update you on what happens.

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