Home remedies for health problems

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LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Could the cure to your internal health problems be found in your kitchen?  In part two of this special Healthcast report, we get some KPLC viewers to dish up their home remedies for everything from the common cold to heartburn.

Fun Radio 92.9 The Lake's Gary and Heather work in a field where their voices are just a tad bit important!  "I use my voice every day," says Gary, "all the time."  Heather adds, "It's pretty important."

So when they start feeling the slightest throat tickle, they know fast-acting relief is a must and Heather says she's run the gamut on over-the-counter meds.  "Let's see just in my purse," says Heather, "three in here, four, five, six, seven! seven different kinds of medication in my purse!"

Hoping to downsize and actually find something that works with colds, congestion and coughs, Heather turned to her mom for a home remedy she swears by.  "As soon as you feel that first little bit of sore throat coming on," she says, "you mix hydrogen peroxide half and half with water and gargle with it."

While Heather laughs at the foaming at the mouth effect of this remedy, Gary says the remedy he uses for a sore throat works every time if you can get past the taste.  "It's the most vile tasting tea in the world and it's made from the bark of the slippery elm tree," he says, "but it actually does relieve your sore throat pain."

Saltwater gargles can also ease the throat pain and West Cal-Cam Hospital Rural Health Clinic nurse practitioner Lance Waldmeier says a simple honey mixture with hot tea can have a similar effect.  "A half a teaspoon or a teaspoon as needed for a cough tends to sooth the mucus membranes," says Waldmeier.

To break up the mucus that has you congested, Waldmeier says you can make your own saline solution for use in a clean dropper.  "Just use a half a teaspoon of salt and eight ounces of water," he says.

68-year-old Carolyn Doolittle has a pantry full of remedies and one simple recipe to ease heartburn.  "You can put a clove of garlic in apple cider vinegar and when you have heartburn, take a little bit of the juice," she says.

For pain from a urinary tract infection, Waldmeier says no mixing is required - just open up your fridge.  "Cranberry juice actually decreases the surface tension of the inside of the bladder," says Waldmeier, "which the bacteria don't stick to."

Just remember these home remedies aren't miracle cures and shouldn't take the place of the advice from your health care professional. If symptoms don't improve in a couple of days, it's time to call the pros.  "The home remedies for the common cold, respiratory problems, infections - if you don't see improvement," says Waldmeier, "don't hesitate to call your health care provider or if you think it's an emergency, to seek care in an emergency room."

*I want to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who submitted their home remedies!  I'm anxious to try some of them...and others, well, they just made me laugh!  Feel free to submit yours in the comment box below.

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