Townhall meeting for fishermen in Cameron

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - For many people in Cameron, the water is a way of life. But like at every job, there is laws that go along with it. A meeting held on Wednesday at the Cameron Parish court house gave area fishermen a chance to tie up loose ends before they cast those nets.

"Tonight's meeting was about them asking us questions and us having the knowledge base here to answer their questions," said Joseph Gary with the United States Coast Guard.

Both federal and state law enforcement agencies were at the meeting. Much of what came up where the laws surrounding safety gear for commercial vessels. Mark Jones, with the United State Coast Guard is responsible for checking to see if boats are in compliance.

"I'll come out and do an inspection on their boat. If they are missing anything I give them a work list. There is no fines and no penalties for what I do. Once you complete the work list, I will come back and put a safety inspection decal on your boat," said Mark Jones with the United States Coast Guard.

Adley Dyson has been scouring the waterways or over 45 years, and it is how he makes a living. Sometimes, he says the laws can be confusing.

"It is hard when the Wildlife and Fisheries may say you need something and then the Coast Guard says you need more stuff," said Adley Tyson.

But, after a group discussion, most seemed to have a better understanding.

"I think it is a good thing to know the law. I like that the Coast Guard and other agencies helped us understand the law so that we could comply with both agencies. I think it is a good thing," said Adley Tyson.

I you would like to have your boat inspected by the United States Coast Guard the number to call is (800) 422-3762 and you can also find their website by Clicking Here.

To go to the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries website, Click Here.

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