Vision Sulphur

By Adam Hooper - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) -You have heard the saying if you fail to plan, you plan to fail, that is what some Sulphur residents are living by. Many concerned citizens from within Sulphur have worked for months on a plan to move the city forward. Tonight that plan was unveiled.
The plan is called Vision Sulphur. It takes a very proactive approach to improving the city. For over a year many Sulphur residents met and discussed areas they thought their city could improve. 

"It has been a long time and a lot of people looking at what we ultimately want to be in the city of Sulphur," said Nancy Tower.

It is a plan to move the city forward in a positive way, focusing on the good things already in place, and making adjustments to things that could improve. A heavy emphasis is placed on transparency.

"It was a positive approach. They jumped through an awful lot of hoops to make certain that there were no negatives," said Lynwood Burkhalter.

Vision Sulphur is broken into four categories with goals and aspirations in each. The categories are government, services and security, growth and development, and quality of life.

"Ultimately, we are all looking to live in a place with a very high quality of life. We want all of the big city amenities while keeping our small town atmosphere," said Nancy Tower.

At the meeting, a representative from each category explained the goals. Residents seemed to approve of the outcome.

"We had a good turnout of Sulphur citizens. They clearly care about their city. A lot of them are signing up to continue to help us promote this idea," said Nancy Tower.

"I think an awful lot of folks got together, concerned citizen types, to try an formulate a vision forward for the city," said Lynwood Burkhalter.

Some issues discussed were problems like drainage, and the possibility of adding a way to pass over the railroad tracks during a train crossing, in the event of an emergency. The city charter was also touched on.

"It needs some review. I think our government could be much more effective for the people if we reviewed some key aspects and potentially made some changes," said Nancy Tower.

For more information on Vision Sulphur their website is You can email them at, and a number to call is (337) 563-1191.

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