Where is your money going?

By Crystal Price - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Thousands of dollars in taxpayer stimulus money is going toward contracts, grants and loans to restore infrastructure in cities all over the United States.

"It is our understanding that an initial part of the money is for quick, "shovel-ready" projects," says John Cardone, City Administrator for Lake Charles. "If we did not have the stimulus money, it may have prolonged some of these projects.

The city received 4.5 million dollars worth of stimulus money to overlay roads throughout the city.

Lake Charles is also looking to receive an energy grant of 715,000 dollars to create more energy efficient facilities in city buildings.

"We have been told that if you use a more energy efficient window then you can save about 20% a year on your utility bills," says Cardone. "That's a good benefit."

And the city is also looking to relocate a transit facility and customer service center for half a million dollars.

"This is a very good deal for the city," says Cardone.

But now taxpayers can track where exactly their money is going with a simple click of the mouse.

By visiting stimulustracker.msnbc.com, you can search each parish to find a particular project and see the dollar amount.

Fortunately, what goes around could come back around for taxpayers.

While conducting these stimulus projects, officials say it could boost the economy for folks looking for jobs.

"When you do the road projects we're putting people to work," says Cardone. "When we build a transit facility, we'll be putting people to work."

If you would like to see how much stimulus money is going to each project, click on "Stimulus Tracker" to the right.

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