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Bottle Top

The six colors of Bottle Top caps. The six colors of Bottle Top caps.
The Bottle Top snaps on to the can lid. The Bottle Top snaps on to the can lid.
The lid is a snap top, not a screw top. The lid is a snap top, not a screw top.
The snap top can't hold the carbonated liquid from leaking. The snap top can't hold the carbonated liquid from leaking.
The seal around the can lid is leak proof. The seal around the can lid is leak proof.

By Jeff Jumper - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) – It’s a reusable plastic cap…for your soda can.  It claims to help avoid spills and hold carbonation longer.  The Bottle Top package contains twelve plastic soda can lids.  The lids are very colorful, with six different shades: yellow, orange, pink, blue, green, and purple.  The differing colors are designed to keep you from grabbing the wrong can of soda in a fridge full of bottle topped cans.  The implied instructions are rather simple: pop on, enjoy, and squeeze the can to pop off the Bottle Top. 

I went ahead and grabbed two identical cans of soda to test the carbonation claim.  Both cans open, I applied the bottle top to my first can with a quick snap. 

I said, “We've placed the bottle top on one of our cans, so were going to take both the unprotected and the bottle top can to the fridge and let it sit there for a little while to test how well it holds carbonation.  In the mean time, we'll take another one of these bottle tops, place it on another can, and see how well it hold leaks and prevents spills.” 

I put the cans in the fridge to sit for a couple of hours.  I bought another can from the soda machine to see how well the Bottle Top would hold up to spillage and leakage.  After snapping the top to the can, I found the seal around the metal can lip to be free of leaks.  A quick sip proved that it was just like drinking from a bottle.  Not bad.  Of course with the cap snapped, the soda would seal out insects from taking a drink, locking in that claim as well.  As for spills, knocking over the can showed that with a snap top instead of a screw top, carbonation wins the battle.  The soda leaked out from the cap, but not as fast as it would have with an open metal can alone.  Regardless, it did leak, so that claim is lacking.  A squeeze to an empty can, and the top is off and ready for reuse. 

I returned to the fridge and stated, “Well we've waited roughly two hours.  We'll try the un-capped can.  A little bit of carbonation to it, but it's starting to get that flat taste to it.  And now the bottle top can.  It still definitely has a lot of carbonation in it.” 

Another note, it was a bit hard to get the top on some cans without crushing the filled can.  However, with three out of four claims met, that adds up to 75% which is a passing grade.  So the Bottle Tops snap to a YES for this week’s “Does it Work?” test.  The pack of twelve Bottle Tops sells for $9.99 at local retailers.

Web Extra:  Despite the leakage when the can gets knocked on its side, the overall idea of having a seal to hold carbonation and make it easier to drink from a can help up well.  The pack of twelve at about ten bucks puts each cap at about $0.83.  Overall, these are not a bad value for reusable caps.  Once the can is empty, the cap came off extraordinarily easily.  A squeeze on the can distorts the metal lip and the plastic pop top goes flying.  Fortunately, you can control the top so you don’t have to go searching for it after it flies off the can.

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