"We offer the H1N1 vaccine...just not right now"

By Tiffany Blackmon - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC)-  The website fighttheflula.com lists twelve flu shot providers in Calcasieu Parish that offer the H1N1 vaccine. However, right now only half of the providers listed can physically administer it.

Dr. Lily Ramos, an Internal Medical Specialist with the Occupational Medical Clinic stated, "We're hoping we're going to get it soon, I know a lot of clinics already have their vaccines."

The Medical Occupational Clinic is one of the twelve locations listed as having the vaccine, even though they never had the vaccine before, and five others are waiting to receive more.

Dr. Frank Welch, the Medical Director for Pandemic Preparedness in Louisiana stated, "The question was do you have the vaccine right now, and they [providers without the vaccine] said no, but that doesn't mean that they aren't continuing their normal process."

Locations that do not have the vaccine at the present time, have not requested and are not required to be removed from the list, because they will eventually receive the vaccine.

"The delivery time for the vaccine is usually 2-3 days from the time they order it," said Dr. Welch.

However that is not the case for the Medical Occupational Clinic.

Dr. Ramos stated, "We never received one since we signed up for it."

Dr. Welch says the reason they haven't received the vaccine could be based on multiple factors.

"Based on their patient profiles, what kind of vaccine they ordered, and what was available form the federal government...those who have received the vaccine probably are going to get it in the next 2-3 weeks," said Dr. Welch.

Once the Medical Occupational Clinic does receive the vaccine they will accept walk-ins, but for some other providers, it is recommended that you call and make an appointment.

Dr. Welch stated, "I would ask the public to be patient. If you call a place and they are out of it, call the next one, because as you found out, half of the places have vaccine."

Right now only these target groups are receiving the vaccine, and if you do fall into those categories, you're encouraged to contact any provider listed to find out if they can provide it.

Target Groups:

  • Frontline Healthcare Workers
  • Caretakers of children less than six months of age
  • Pregnant Women
  • Adults younger than 65 years of age with chronic medical conditions

Here is the current list of providers that have the vaccine at the present time. Note that some providers only administer the vaccine to employees.


  • Business Health Partners
  • Calcasieu Health Unit (Lake Charles)
  • Calcasieu Health Unit (Sulphur)
  • ConocoPhillips (EMPLOYEES ONLY)
  • Hunter McGuire Medical Center
  • W.O. Moss Regional Medical Center

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