Memorial Physicians Among Louisiana’s Top Docs

Twenty-four physicians on staff at Lake Charles Memorial Hospital were recently named among Louisiana's best in a recent survey of their peers conducted for Louisiana Life magazine for 2009.

William R. Condos Jr., MD, was named one of Louisiana's top cardiologists; Alan L. LeBato, MD, Thomas E. LeBeau, MD; Kevin E. Mocklin, MD, and Arthur W. Primeaux were among Louisiana's top Family Medicine physicians; James P. Gaharan, MD, was named one of Louisiana's top hematologists / oncologists; Brian D. Clements, MD, W. Gerry Hebert, MD, Susan B. Ieyoub, MD, and Peter Karam, MD, and Ronald M. Lewis Jr., MD, were among Louisiana's top Internal Medicine physicians; Jaun M. Bossano, MD, and Chih Hao Lin, MD, were among Louisiana's top neonatologists; Nathan Cohen, MD, M. Alan Hinton, MD, and Dennis Walker, MD, were among Louisiana's top orthopedists; Stuart G. Landry, MD, Bruce M. Thompson, MD, and David R. Wallace, MD, were among Louisiana's top pediatricians; R. Craig Broussard, MD, Gary Kohler, MD, and Ben F. Thompson, III, MD, were among Louisiana's top pulmonologists; Charles J. Brdlik, MD, was named one of Louisiana's top radiologists; and William C. Moss, MD, were among Louisiana's top surgeons.

Louisiana Life utilized the services of Best Doctors, Inc. to gather ratings from a database of professionals who are highly regarded by their peers. Those professionals are in turn interviewed for their recommendations.

Best Doctors contacts each doctor on the previous list and asks the same question: if you or a loved one needed a doctor in your specialty and you couldn't treat them yourself, to whom would you refer them?" Every physician has the opportunity both to comment confidentially on the others doctors included in his or her specialty and to make additional nominations. As new names are added to the pool, each undergoes the same peer-evaluation process.

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