Enterprise/Broad Street Overlay Project

By Charlie Bartlett - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) – Lake area drivers aren't pleased with the road conditions on Enterprise and Broad Streets.

"Road conditions have actually gotten bad since I started driving. I started when I was 15," said Randall Rougeau.

"There hasn't been hardly any improvement done from Broad Street going east," said Markques Burton.

These roads are clearly not in the best shape, but there's plan make them better.

"We are going to take off four inches of asphalt material off the road and put replacement asphalt back on. We've got a lot of cracks and rutting, so after twenty years it's time for an overlay project," said Robert Hennigan.

The potholes and cracks are many of the signs that these roads need resurfacing. Drivers admit these roads aren't smooth to drive on.

"There are a lot of potholes.  It just needs to be redone," said Burton.

"It's very bumpy.  It's not as smooth as it could be," said Rougeau.

The D.O.T.D. plans to resurface the roads, but they have additional plans that will coincide with the project.

"We'll make sure that were constructing handicap or wheelchair accessible ramps at every intersection. We'll do some repair work to catch basins and to some of the loop detectors for the traffic signals."

The longer these roads stay in these rough conditions, the more they will deteriate. D.O.T.D wants to repair the roads, not rebuild.

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