Daycare appeal

By Adam Hooper - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - "I will fight for my kids. These are my babies and I am not going to lose any of them," said Natesha Clophus.

Natesha Clophus own God's Little Blessings daycare in Sulphur, something she said means a lot to her.

"My husband and I have invested our entire savings into this," said Natesha Clophus.

And, with one visit from the state department of social services they have been shut down for fifteen violations, not in compliance with the child daycare class A minimum standards. But, Clophus said the state is mistaken.

"I have proof right in front of me of how the specialist wrote me up for stuff that is not true. And yet, I am getting shut down for her mistakes," said Clophus.

Sharmeen Collins has also lost her daycare license, on charges, she too, said are false.

"I have nine staff members that work under me, that have children also. If my center closes down they will be out of a job," said Sharmeen Collins.

But, these ladies are not giving up. They plan to make an appeal to the state.

"I am appealing their decision, because they have been found in error. I want them to admit that they are wrong for what they are doing to us," said Clophus.

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