Mary Magdalene Relic on display in Lafayette

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LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - A piece of spiritual history made its way into southern Louisiana today.

A shin bone belonging to Mary Magdalene attracted hundreds to a visitation ceremony in Lafayette.

"It's just a very spiritual experience," says Linda Freyou, a visitor from New Iberia.

"She is a patron saint and I think it is wonderful," says Mary Meche, a visitor from Lafayette.

This week a group of missionaries stopped in Louisiana to share a purported relic of Saint Mary magdalene to the states this week.

"It's the right shin bone that knelt before the crucified and resurrected Christ," says Richard Borgman, a missionary who helped bring the relic to the United States.

Mounted in a beautiful glass case, visitors from all over the state came into Our Lady of Wisdom in Lafayette to witness an amazing piece of spiritual history.

"To me it is very miraculous that her bone is still intact and preserved," says Freyou.

All visitors who entered waited in a long line to visit the relic at the alter.

"All of them came forward and touched Mary Magdalene in prayer," says Borgman. "A lot of people releasing some of the tears that have been building up for a long time because there's been lots of hard times in Louisiana."

Folks who came out to see the relic say it was not only a great opportunity to worship, but to also learn.

"They give us a little bit of literature that we can read about the relic so we can really know the meaning of it," says Meche.

Missionaries hope to continue traveling all over the United States to share the relic with the world.

"She's traveling around the United States to meet people and show that there is hope," says Borgman.

If you missed out on the relic display today, the missionaries will hold another visitation at Opelousas Catholic School on November 6th at 10:30 AM.

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