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Windshield Wonder

The Windshield Wonder. The Windshield Wonder.
Spraying the micro fiber cloth with water. Spraying the micro fiber cloth with water.
Using the Windshield Wonder to clean the windshield. Using the Windshield Wonder to clean the windshield.
Still a film on the side cleaned with water and the Windshield Wonder. Still a film on the side cleaned with water and the Windshield Wonder.
A dirty cloth after cleaning part of the rear exterior window. A dirty cloth after cleaning part of the rear exterior window.

By Jeff Jumper - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Smears, smudges, and streaks are all the typical nuisances on a car's windshield.  The worst part is, the smears even appear many times after you clean your glass.  The Windshield Wonder claims to make "Cleaning Windshields Fast & Easy".  Essentially, it's a specially fitted microfiber cloth that attaches to a flat plastic panel with a long handle.  The package comes with two microfiber bonnets and a plastic spray bottle for water.  You can use clean water from your tap.  I filled mine with water from the water cooler.

"We've come outside here to the studios at KPLC to test the Windshield Wonder on some of the news units.  The windows inside and out could use some TLC.  So we've already assembled our Windshield Wonder.  We just need to spray some of this clean water that we got out of the water cooler inside the studio.  We'll do the inside windows first to try to get rid of some of that film and test out how well this can really reach because that seems to be the most difficult part of cleaning interior windows, getting that reach.  Then when we're done with that on the inside, we'll test it out on its ability to clean the exterior windows that get all that dirt and road grime on the outside of the vehicle.  So let's get started," I said.

I begin by misting the cloth with the water from the spray bottle.  I attempted to clean the interior windshield first, which had a few marks along with a light film.  Once I got the hang of it, I followed the instructions which call for steady pressure with back and forth motion.  I noticed the Windshield Wonder worked to wipe away the marks, but as timed passed and the water dried, the results were not as desired.  Even though it made accessing tight places much easier, the cloth & water only redistribute the dirt, leaving another thin film.

On the exterior window, I added more water to the cloth and passed the Windshield Wonder in a steady, back and forth motion.  I noticed the dirt was not as prominent, but there remained a film on the glass.  The film wouldn't obstruct your view as much as the dirt, but I was looking for a totally clean window.  I then gave something else a try.  I changed to a clean bonnet sprayed with window cleaner solution.  I found similar results as I received when using the water.  Finally, I cleaned the window with glass cleaner solution and an old rag to ensure the desired results of a perfectly clean window were achievable...and they were.  So, the Windshield Wonder will leave you wondering where your money went, thus smearing to a NO for this week's "Does it Work?" test.  We paid $9.99 for the Windshield Wonder at a local retailer.

Web Extra:  The Windshield Wonder really only held up on half of its claim, the easy part.  The head fit in tight locations with ease, better than squeezing my fingers into those tight spots.  However, in order for me to pass this, it had to leave a streak free surface, and it did not.  An easy to use device does not cut it if it doesn't do it's primary job; in this case cleaning.  The film leftover was just about the same as the film before, just evenly distributed.  It's the filmy layer that you only notice when the window fogs or you're driving at night.  Regardless, it's distracting and the bonnet with just water did not clean it off the interior glass. The package comes with an order form for an additional four bonnets and a towel for $9.99 plus $3.99 shipping and handling.  As for me, I'll stick with my terrycloth rag and Windex.

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